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"There is no one word that describes Fred Engelfried. As a trainer, he is focused, hard-working, and creative, and offers rich knowledge of both form and function, physiology and fitness; as a person, Fred is humble, educated, sensitive and intelligent, and he carries within him a deep integrity and abiding warmth that create true trust and partnership with his clients. I have worked with Fred for the past nine years and whether I am learning self-defense techniques, tramping through the woods on a survival skills course, or engaged in fitness training, within minutes of our time together, Fred can pull me out of my head and put me squarely in touch with the quiet rhythm of my breathing and the strength and resilience of my body and soul. He individualizes his programs, stays on top of best practices and techniques, keeps me in touch with my fitness goals, is reliable to a fault, and has his finger on the pulse of what I need for each workout. As an educator and person, Fred is a true find, and a rare gem of a human being."

- Cara Dallamora – The Walt Disney Company, Center Director, Corporate HR – Glendale Campus

"My life is better because of Fred.  I've worked with various trainers over the years, preparing me for different roles in film and television.  Only Fred gets me in shape, physically AND mentally.  He knows when to push me, but he's also sensitive to when I need to back off a bit.  He's the perfect combination of focus, fun, and hard work.  I look and feel better when I'm working with Fred."

- Robert Knepper, actor, Hunger Games, Mob City, The Black ListCult, Prison Break, Heroes and Stargate

"Fred turned me into a fighter and an athlete. He is the most effective, disciplined and intelligent trainer I know. Fred doesn't just deliver results: he teaches you and motivates you to deliver your own results. If you are looking for a trainer to double as your therapist, keep looking. If you are committed to working, winning and getting into the best shape of your life, look no further than Fred."

- Jeffrey Pollack, entrepreneur

"Fred is truly a rare trainer. He designs a regimen around what you want to achieve while at the same time taking into account your body and personal fitness level. I used to practice the “caveman” method of pounding out sets, causing a lot of joint and muscle pain. Fred eased me into much more natural exercises that increased my strength, balance and coordination and I no longer have joint pain. I really have been amazed at the improvements I have made under Fred’s training. The training sessions themselves are never boring because he offers so many creative workouts."

- Dustin Finer, former COO, MySpace

"Fred is hands down the best conditioning trainer I have encountered. He trained me for a couple of my MMA fights. He knew how to push me and find my limits. Then he would help me find a way to surpass my own expectations. He has a very extensive knowledge of the body and how it functions. I recommend Fred to any athlete or person who wants to up their quality of life and overall fitness level."

- Lou Tapia, MMA fighter, Obstacle Course Racer & actor

"You immediately know you're in educated and informed hands when you train with Fred. His concentrated focus on every second of the work out is rare and inspiring. He embodies the perfect combination of motivator, teacher and challenger. He inspires me to want to do my best and to strive to work harder. I truly look forward to every work out I have with Fred - they are always unique, demanding and a lot of fun!"

- Tory Herald, inventor

"Fred provides intense workouts that always inspire, invigorate and challenge me. He makes me want to work as hard as I can to truly reach my potential. Fred’s passion for and knowledge of all things kinesthetic inform his ability to connect with his clients."

- Jennifer Caloyeras, author, Urban Falcon

"I have been training with Fred for years and I have no intention of stopping! I've worked with a lot of trainers before, but Fred is the perfect balance of sweet and sour:  he’s tough and pushes me to work hard, but he’s also good at reading me and knows when I've hit my limit. Ever since training with Fred, I get compliments left and right about how fit I look—and I feel so much better too! Fred goes above and beyond because he genuinely cares about me, my fitness and my results.”

- Kerry Feirman, VIP services manager, Boulevard Nightlife Group, actor, model

"Fred created a custom training plan that enabled me to work through injuries while they healed and I built a solid strength platform. From there, he pushed me to achieve a far greater cardio fitness level, over all aesthetic appeal and sports performance level.  I can't thank him enough.  He has extraordinary dedication and love for what he does, combined with custom designed techniques and methodologies for each individual that he trains.  A truly inspiring and brilliant teacher and trainer."

- Samantha Dock, director, Parker Dock Productions

"Fred is an incredible trainer.  I have been working out for years with other trainers, going to classes and doing cardio on my own.  I have never seen results like I did after training with Fred for a few months.  My body fat decreased and my energy increased tremendously.  Fred is professional, knowledgeable, and a great person.  He has helped me stay in shape throughout my pregnancy and was able to adjust our routines based on how my body was feeling."

- Dr. Jenna Binder, psychiatrist

"I have been training with Fred for a year and a half. I came to him a middle aged marshmallow who had let career, motherhood and health problems rob her of her fitness, confidence and shape.  Fred interviewed and evaluated me carefully. He has an incredible fund of knowledge and has since guided me back into much better shape and confidence. In spite of my health problems, I have had no injuries or big setbacks during this journey. I owe that to Fred’s ability to find a way to work out around obstacles no matter what. He’s smart, imaginative and really inspiring to work with. I could not recommend him more highly."

- Dr. Caroline Close, physician

"This was one of the best events I have ever done in 3 years of Entrepeneur's Organization (EO). A ton of practical and physical skills were packed into 3 hours. Unique events like these are why I joined EO in the first place. This event literally almost knocked me on my ass."

- Private Self-Defense Workshop Client, Entrepeneur's Organization/Los Angeles

"My kids and I had a great time building together and making fire was the absolute highlight for my son. Thanks for a great event!"

- Family Adventure Course Participant, Entrepeneur's Organization/Los Angeles


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