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Tanya Beatty

Tanya Beatty

Tanya Beatty has had a love for the outdoors and travel since childhood. Growing up in Gainesville, Florida, she would explore the creek in her backyard searching for shark teeth and fossils.

While attending the University of Florida, Tanya was a member of the outdoor club leading and participating in kayak, canoe, white water, spelunking, rappelling, biking, and hiking trips. In high school, Tanya was on the soccer team, winning 4th place in state championships, and has always been involved in all types of sports including rollerblading, windsurfing, and skiing.

Besides a passion for athletics, Tanya is an actor, artist, writer, and dancer. She performs with the modern dance troupe Selen Ermanev Dance Company and is a freelance dancer performing salsa, swing, and ballroom dance. The arts and working with children, being a catalyst to their empowerment & transformation, brings meaning to Tanya's life. Nature has always been a huge influence in Tanya's work & she's inspired to pass on her appreciation for & spiritual connection to nature with others. As a personal trainer, a teacher for Star Education, and a counselor at Colby Camp & Retreat Center,

Tanya has refined her mentoring skills to help bring out the inherent strength and creativity in others, and inspire the freedom to explore thoughts and ideas. Tanya has BAs in Linguistics and Dance with minors in German, and TESL, and an MA in Mass Communications. The language of the heart, the spirit, and of nature is what

Tanya strives to communicate with her art and mentoring. Tanya brings her leadership, mentoring, empathy, creativity, and enthusiasm for nature and athletics to FS2.