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Identifying plantsFS2 outdoor classes teach you how to feel at home in the wild. Our classrooms are creeks, meadows, forests, mountains and beaches. By learning practical outdoor skills, you can deepen your connection to the earth and uncover hidden strengths. These timeless skills will sharpen your awareness, reinvigorate your spirit and enrich your life wherever you go.

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Practice of tracking by a river.

FS2 instructors introduce you to the vast world of survival skills. You will acquire core competencies in this gateway course such as learning how to recognize edible and medicinal plants, find and purify water, create fire, build shelter, tracking, and making tools in the wild.  In this hands-on class we take the time to develop your skills in a safe manner before presenting you with the next level of challenge. This class is a prerequisite for our LEVEL 2 immersion class and the Family Adventure Course. Classes are offered for:
 - Adults
 - Adults and Teens
 - Kids ages 8-12


Example of a lean to shelter.

FS2‘s Survival Skills Level 2 class puts your skills to the test! Learn how to manage being lost or stranded in the wilderness overnight. This class blends instruction and immersion so that you develop coping skills for when you need them most. You will experience first-hand how to navigate with map & compass, gather materials for food, shelter, medicine, tools and fire, procure water, build secure shelter, respond to medical emergencies and signal for rescue.

This class emphasizes skill acquisition and direct experience to integrate these skills.Expect moderate to demanding physical exertion depending on your fitness level. These demands include safely traversing complicated terrain at times with the support of your group. Since FS2 stands behind providing the right challenge at the right time, you will have the opportunity to set personal goals for the evening -build a primitive shelter, bring a tent or sleep in a cabin. We will provide meals as well as acquire food from the wild whenever possible. You will receive a complete packing list and instructions upon registering for the class.

Open for participants ages 18 and up.


Family Adventure Navigation

For millennia, families passed down survival skills from generation to generation. The FS2 Family Adventure works to restore this tradition. The course is a real-life adventure for parents and children and provides a rich opportunity to build a shared love of the outdoors. Activities emphasize discovery and collaboration.  The fun activities and skills acquired in this class have fostered a passion for the outdoors and inspired many families to take up camping, hiking and other outdoor adventures.

*We encourage parents who are new to survival skills to take the Survival Skills - Level 1 class as a prerequisite. This will give you the additional experience necessary to become a guide for your children.