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Personal DefenseEveryone has a fighter inside. It’s about having the courage to set challenging goals, the desire to pursue them and the will to never give up. This spirit can feed your life—and it’s that quality we ignite at FS2.

Our Personal Defense instruction builds confidence and teaches you how to deliver maximum power behind each strike. If you’ve never thrown a punch, fight training is motivating, cathartic and a powerful way to get in shape.

For accomplished fighters, our MMA Strength & Conditioning workouts will fine-tune your body and challenge you to your core. 

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Personal Defense

Safety, security and harmony are precious.  To protect yourself and your loved ones you need to not only pack a punch, but also know how to detect and prevent problems before they arise. Our personal defense workshops train your mind and body so that you assert strong boundaries when you need them most. You will learn ways to steer clear of problems and, if danger finds you, how to respond.  

Contact us to reserve a private Personal Defense workshop for your group.

MMA Strength & Conditioning

Amp up your power, sharpen your strike game and test your mettle with FS2's MMA Strength & Conditioning program.  Our training sessions prepare you to surpass your expectations. We take time to evaluate your current strengths and areas of exposure in order to design a custom training regiment specific to you.  Learn to operate more efficiently, gain a biomechanical advantage and perform beyond your edge.