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Julio Soria

Julio Soria

Julio Soria, a mentor and educator to at-risk youth in the Los Angeles area has over ten years of experience working, volunteering, and growing in the nonprofit sector and a lifetime of enjoying and learning from the great outdoors. He has advised teams of inner-city students in community based projects and STEM competitions. Getting students engaged in sustainability and conservation is what he is really passionate about. He has worked with students on projects like aquaponic farming, campus recycling, habitat restoration, and the solar cup. He strives to instill a sense of stewardship for the earth in his students whether it is in the classroom or on the trail.

Julio is an avid outdoorsman who prefers spending his weekends exploring in the San Gabriel Mountains. He enjoys hiking, rock-climbing, camping, and volunteering for habitat restoration and trail building as well. He is always looking to learn more and sharpen his wilderness skills and is a volunteer of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Being active in the outdoors and working in the nonprofit sector with at risk youth opened avenues into outdoor education. He is a Naturalist for a nonprofit outdoor science school. His work allows him to take groups of youth and adults alike on science themed excursions in the wilderness where he teaches about natural history, ecology, and primitive life skills. His favorite course to teach is the wild edible and medicinal plant hike. He enjoys helping students realize how many beneficial plants there are all around us. Looking to grow in the outdoor education field he volunteered as an Adaptive and Integrative Ocean Kayaking Guide for students with physical and cognitive disabilities. 

Julio’s students come to understand that beyond the fanciest gear, knowledge weighs nothing, and is the greatest asset in the wilderness. The acquisition of survival knowledge and skills will give you the confidence to feel at home in the wild. Beyond survival is the need to thrive. By learning practical outdoor skills, students can confidently move about the earth and reconnect with the spirituality of nature.

With FS2, he brings this experience as an Outdoor Survival Skills Group Leader to the FS2 Family Adventures.